Lauren Bair

Photo of Lauren Bair
Los Angeles, CA
Ringling College Of Art And Design, The Portland Actors Conservatory
Los Angeles Food Culture, Ice Cream, Culinary Tourism
  • Lauren grew up on hearty Pennsylvania Dutch cooking (potatoes, meat, corn, more potatoes, shoofly pie), and has since welcomed green, leafy vegetables onto her plate.
  • She is passionate about ice cream, desserts, and putting the two together. She invented an ultra-creamy, sugar-free chocolate sorbet that tastes like fudge and gelato had a baby. Patent pending.
  • A Los Angeles local, she's obsessed with food culture there and anywhere she travels. She wrote an award-winning short film because #Hollywood.


Lauren wrote a blog about life in Los Angeles, and has contributed as a writer to nutrition and wellness brand EQLBRM, as well as celebrity and women's lifestyle outlet The List. She has also written relatable and easily digestible content for financial outlets, copy for interior design magazines, and she has edited for Static Media for several years. While she wishes her superpowers would manifest as native-level fluency in every language, it appears that her talents lie, instead, in weaving her sense of humor into her writing and also knowing exactly where the cookie crumbles and caramel ripples are located in a pint of ice cream.


Lauren has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design.
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