Film and television award season is upon us, which got us thinking about all the movies we saw in 2017. We also got excited for the documentaries and television coming in the near future. We’re also getting on some winter travel: New York wasn’t cold enough for us so we checked out some of the finest restaurants in Minneapolis. For an actual escape, we headed down to Oaxaca to learn all about roasting agave for mezcal. We also thought of a million reasons to not do the Tide Pod Challenge, but settled on just 12 snacks to make instead. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Korea is now home to a very close imitator of In-N-Out, called Cry Cheese Burger.
  2. Japanese carbonara is the fusion dish you’ve always hoped for. Here’s the recipe.
  3. Please don’t participate in the Tide Pod Challenge. Make these 12 snacks instead.
  4. We imagined what the Oscar nominations would be if food was taken into account.
  5. Minneapolis is hosting this year’s Super Bowl. Check out these nine restaurants if you’re in the Twin Cities!
  6. David Chang’s new Netflix series is set to premiere next month.
  7. Ariel Arce is a 30-year-old business owner in Manhattan. Listen to how she does it on this episode of our podcast.
  8. The famous teen chef Flynn McGarry stars in his own documentary that’ll premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.
  9. We took a trip down to Oaxaca, Mexico to learn about mezcal.
  10. Phil Rosenthal chats with us about his newest food show on Food Republic Today.