There's An Oddly Named In-N-Out Knockoff In Seoul

There's a burger in the Korean city of Bucheon, just outside of Seoul, that will make you wonder if you just stepped off a Parking Spot shuttle at LAX. It goes by the name of Cry Cheese Burger. Tell us it doesn't look at least a little familiar, if not an In-N-Out knockoff entirely.

Cry Cheese has proven to be a runaway success, gaining enough of a cult following that there's even a whole Reddit thread devoted to "innout Korea." It's also Trip Advisor's number-one ranked restaurant in the city. Nevertheless, the burger scene in the greater Seoul area is very well-established and largely run by Korean-Americans and entrepreneurial expats. With popular spots like Brooklyn Burger Joint, Sidburger and the aptly named I Am A Burger, there's no real reason to trek half an hour by train to the suburbs just to get your Animal on — particularly since the ultra-tony neighborhood of Gangnam will be hosting a pop-up experience. Oh by the way, they call the addition of mustard-griddled onions Animal-style too.

As for the name, we can offer you no insight. According to the Reddit thread, there was previously another imitation In-N-Out in Cheongna, another of Seoul's satellite cities, called Double Double, that has since changed its name to something presumably less obvious.

If you so desire, watch vloggers We Fancy (who has blasphemously never eaten In-N-Out) spend ten full minutes trying to persuade their audience that Cry Cheese Burger is in any way, shape or form superior to In-N-Out. Prepare to hear things like "If there is someone who cries cheese, please introduce them to me so I can make them cry forever and feast on their delicious salty tears."

(Long live In-N-Out).