We celebrated all things sustainable in our inaugural Zero-Waste Week. From cooking with scraps to saving spent grains from brewing beer and turning them into food, we delved into all the ways we can help better the environment and, frankly, get what we paid for! The documentary about famed chef Jeremiah Tower’s rise and fall in the industry, The Last Magnificent, premieres theatrically in L.A. and NYC this weekend. All that and more in this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Why throw away your broccoli stems when you can cook them with lardo?
  2. Ugly Produce Is Beautiful is an Instagram account dedicated to showing how gorgeous bruised and wonky fruits and vegetables are.
  3. The fish collar is the most succulent part of the fish. Here’s how to cook them.
  4. NYC chef Roxanne Spruance has no-waste cooking ingrained in her.
  5. Eggs and greens go together like… well, eggs and greens. Here are 20 new ways to combine them.
  6. This San Francisco deli lets none of its pastrami go to waste.
  7. Four Pillars distills gin with oranges and repurposes those oranges to make marmalade.
  8. Opening this summer, The Brewer’s Table in Austin, Texas will blur the line between food and beer.
  9. Jeremiah Tower’s documentary, The Last Magnificent, premieres today in theaters in New York City and Los Angeles.
  10. Marianne Cufone is fighting for the rights of hydroponic farmers to grow certified organic produce.