Hot chicken was on our minds this week as we published our culinary guide to Nashville.

Wow. Our headlines really sold themselves this week at Food Republic. Good food leading to great sex? Yes, please. A recipe for grilled s’mores doughnuts? Umm, yeah. Chefs imagining a Washington, D.C., dining scene under President Trump? Don’t lie, we know you’re at least intrigued. We compiled our ultimate guide to eating in Nashville, which just might be the country’s hottest food city right now, and put together an infographic that concluded California is the capital of culinary diversity in the U.S. What else? Well, we checked in with bartenders making cocktails with cereal — yes, cereal — and learned about a beer-boat-recycling type of event in Australia. We’re as confused as you are. All that and more on this week’s Top Stories on Food Republic.

  1. Here’s our ultimate guide to eating and drinking in Nashville.
  2. Want to know how good food can lead to great sex? Look no further.
  3. Five chefs imagine a Washington, D.C., dining scene under President Trump.
  4. Showdown! We compare the most popular chef’s knives on the market.
  5. Bartenders are getting serious about cereal — yes, cereal — cocktails.
  6. These are Louisiana’s best-loved back-road eateries.
  7. Sexy sweets: Here’s how to make avocado crème brûlée.
  8. A recipe for ooey, gooey grilled s’mores doughnuts? Yes, please!
  9. Is California the center of culinary diversity in the U.S.? Let’s check the numbers.
  10. Boat racing + recycling + Australia = the world’s weirdest beer event.