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A flourless chocolate cake like this is a perfect way to end a Seder, or any meal, really.

We’ll have to admit that things got borderline unhealthy this week. From our conversation with Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger of the Doughboys on an episode of Food Republic Today to testing Epic Meal Time’s addictive new pizza jerky, we indulged a lot. We also got prepared for the Passover Seder with a ton of recipes. Peruse through them now for last-minute additions to your celebration. We also learned how to eat gooseneck barnacles, where to find vegetarian food in Vietnam and what it’s like to be a Ramen Head. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. The dudes Epic Meal Time have infiltrated the snack scene with pizza jerky.
  2. This hasselback egg is as pretty as it is delicious.
  3. We’ve got all the dumpling recipes you could ever need.
  4. New documentary Ramen Heads is like a beautiful ode to Japan’s humble bowl of noodles.
  5. Want to throw a modern Seder tonight? Follow these recipes.
  6. Not only can you eat gooseneck barnacles, they’re darn tasty.
  7. What’s it like to be vegetarian in Vietnam? The selection is boundless.
  8. San Francisco-based Wise Sons opened a shop in Japan.
  9. These desserts are totally Seder friendly. Make some for tonight!
  10. It wouldn’t be baseball season without hot dogs. Here are some of our favorites.