Indian foods may seem a little out of your wheelhouse, but pick up a fresh new copy of blogger Asha Shivakumar’s Masala & Meatballs and learn this vibrant cuisine through the magic of fusion. Ever made a hasselback egg? This potato preparation translates seamlessly to hard-boiled eggs. 

Yes, this might look simple, and yes, it is. But think about it — when a hard-boiled egg is thinly sliced, drizzled with a lot of love from the spiced oil and presented like this, it almost becomes the talk of the party. It goes from a plain old hard-boiled egg to “Hasselback eggs,” with a sexy attitude. And all you did was slice the egg and drizzle it with some oil, but not any simple oil — flavored, amazing oil.

Note: Serve the eggs as a side for rice, on some pasta or just as a healthy snack.

Reprinted with permission from Masala & Meatballs