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Wise Sons is serving up authentic, New York-style bagels in Tokyo Station. Grab a bite before you leave!

More proof that carbs are the universal language: The newest outpost of SF-based Jewish delicatessen and bagel shop Wise Sons opened its 10th location in Tokyo Station, home to more than 3000 trains daily. That’s a lot of bagels in Tokyo Station, alone.

The Japan Times reports that Wise Sons are selling their signature New York-style bagel, which, while authentic, isn’t what Japanese palates are accustomed to.

“For one, bread tends to be much softer and lighter (in Japan),” co-owner Evan Bloom tells The Japan Times. “Sweeter, too. And there are a lot of different flavors. Essentially, it can be shaped like a bagel, but that’s kind of the only relation.”

Wise Sons will continue to keep it real, with exclusively savory bagel and schmear flavors — determining once and for all that strawberry is not a respected cream cheese flavor — and other popular open-faced bagel toppings like lox and egg salad. Surely when in Japan you’ll opt for the healthy, balanced, traditional fare of salted fish, rice, pickles and soup…but know that there are plenty of options if you’re feeling a little Lost In Translation.