“Pizza jerky” is the kind of thing you hear once and immediately want. It’s not good for you, and it’s never been done before — two qualifiers the diligent chefs at YouTube’s Epic Mealtime consider highly valuable. And with nearly seven million subscribers, chances are that they’re right: people DO love cheeseburger baklava.

Pizza in a Bag, the first in the brand’s new line of Super Snack Time snacks, combines hunger-crushing pork and beef jerky with pizza seasonings — garlic, onion, oregano and tomato and just a touch of sweetness to replicate pizza sauce, for example. The result is a snack that’s so much more satisfying than mere pepperoni alone.

“A lot of the foods we make in our videos are not meals the average viewer is able to make or even enjoy in one sitting, so Super Snack Time products are great for satisfying anyone’s snack cravings, especially our fans who are looking to indulge in crazy foods and flavors,” Epic Mealtime creator Harley Morenstein told us in an email. “As for Pizza in a Bag, this snack really is epic. it’s a tasty, game-changing combo of foods you never knew you wanted.”

Keep an eye out for it starting next month — you can’t miss it, it’s in the pizza-shaped bag that screams Pizza in a Bag!