Pizza, Japanese Cuisine, Hell's Kitchen: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Can you tell we're craving sushi and pizza this week? In pizza news, we got wind of a new device that could help replicate authentic NYC slices anywhere in the world, as well as an indie musician's new pizza bar in Portland and a fun new cookbook. As for news about Japanese cuisine, we asked Brooklyn Kura to explain its complex relationship with the mysterious substance known as sake kasu, and how Ramen Lab is cooking with it. We also rounded up the best and most useful sushi accessories to pump up your maki game.

Finally, we marveled at some ketchup innovation, studied up on tofu history and ate a lot in our own backyard. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics.

  • This startup is creating single sheets of ketchup for traveling convenience.
  • We chatted with a bunch of chefs at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival on this episode of Food Republic Today.
  • Homemade dumpling wrappers taste better than store bought. Don't take our word for it. Make them yourself!
  • These sushi accessories are absolute must haves.
  • Hell's Kitchen is full great dining options. Check out 10 of our favorites.
  • The table where President Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain shared a meal in Vietnam has become a tourist destination.
  • Can you guess which Founding Father introduced America to tofu?
  • Ireland's Darina Allen stopped by our podcast studio to talk about how to better train chefs.
  • Pizzerias are investing in a water filtration system that'll replicate New York's water in hopes to make those famous pies.
  • Find out what sake kasu is then slurp up this ramen.