Pizza Restaurants Are Investing In NYC Water Replicators

You've probably heard the old saying that New York City pizza is uniquely delicious, renowned for its crispy texture and unable to be replicated thanks to the city's water. It's not sourced from some magical undersea pizza water spring; it's simply the beneficiary of one of the greatest filtration systems in the world. That's all. And if you really want to counterfeit, ahem, reproduce the dough tossed in pizza joints throughout the greater New York area, you'll need that NYC water.

New York WaterMaker seeks to provide just that service. The world's first patent-pending water replication system, the device allows restaurants to cook and bake with authentic NYC water anywhere in the world. According to their website, " will be tastier, bread will be crisper, pizza and bagels will be authentic NYC style (not an imitation), and, in return, consumers will reward these restaurants with increased business."

The filtration system costs $2,890 a year to maintain, and will debut at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas on Monday.