Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock Opens A Pizza Bar In Portland

Good news for people who love pizza news! There's a hot spot in Portland, Oregon with a line down the block, thanks to indie rocker Isaac Brock's passion for great eats. The Modest Mouse frontman is the mastermind behind Poison Rainbow, where a generous slab of objectively beautiful and deliciously appointed Sicilian-style pizza from local pizzeria Ranch runs about $6. The menu is simple and punchy, the drinks are strong and the decor is delightfully bizarre. Take, for example, the trippy chandelier Brock crafted from a jillion fishing lures (seen here in progress):

Making moves part deaux #shinyshit

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Go for the crazy art and killer slices alike. We'll venture they play great music, too.

Poison's Rainbow

344 NE 28th Ave., Portland, OR