We were all about saving time and making better lunches for ourselves this week. We rounded up our 40 easiest meals (which make for great leftovers), plus 12 ultra-packable lunches. We also took our weekly Facebook Live series, Food Republic Live (FRL) to new Manhattan restaurant Yo! Sushi (opening March 16) and checked out the goodies on its conveyor belt. Plus, an unlikely country is trying something radical in order to eat more healthfully. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Save time with these 40 super-easy recipes.
  2. We went round and round again at Yo! Sushi and asked you to plan our lunch.
  3. Germany banned meat from being served at official functions. Some ministers were not pleased.
  4. Don’t fall victim to the sad desk lunch. Pack up these 12 portable lunches.
  5. Malaysians douse their fried chicken with turmeric, and we have the crave-worthy recipe here.
  6. Texans love the breakfast taco, so much so that it may be the state’s official breakfast item.
  7. Cincinnati chili is not the healthiest. This restaurant attempts to update the classic.
  8. Imagine if we used the food we waste as energy. What could it power?
  9. Mold Magazine is a new print magazine about the future of food, and it needs your help.
  10. Who says you can’t drink white wine in winter? Ignore the naysayers and grab a great winter bottle while you can.