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This Malaysian turmeric fried chicken is a crunchy, golden-yellow treat to be savored.

Think you can’t cook Malaysian food? Too complicated? Wouldn’t know where to start? Think again! This spicy, tangy, vibrant cuisine is well within reach if you have a copy of chef Christina Arokiasamy’s new cookbook. She served as Malaysia’s first official Food Ambassador to the U.S., so take her word for it. This turmeric fried chicken is as addictive to crunch on as it is beautiful to look at. 

Authentic Malaysian ayam goreng, or fried chicken, eaten at least once a week at our home, is typically made with a simple combination of turmeric, ground chilies, salt, and pepper. The turmeric also enhances that appealing golden-brown color you want in perfect fried chicken. I usually start with a whole chicken and cut it into 12 pieces, since small pieces are more flavorful than large because they get coated with more spice.

Reprinted with permission from The Malaysian Kitchen