Mold Magazine Is About The Future Of Food And Needs Your Help

A new biannual magazine dedicated to food and its future is set to launch, but it needs your Kickstarter attention. From Mold the website comes the first print magazine of its kind.

Mold founder LinYee Yuan points out on the Kickstarter page that Mold Magazine will focus on things like how science and design affect the food world. She tells Food Republic that the print platform is "an eloquent medium to distill a range of ideas in a friendly and accessible way."

"This is a critical time for us to get involved in shaping how and what we eat," Yuan says. "Decisions made today have the potential to have a huge impact and affect the livelihoods of people around the world. There is a lot of information — and misinformation — about the future of food in the media, and it is important to create an artifact that can both delve into the critical aspects of food and design as well as offer a snapshot of the opportunities that lie ahead."

Mold Magazine's first issue, "Designing for the Human Microbiome," will focus on how microbes (the living ingredient in fermented and pickled foods) interact with the human gut. Expect to see notable bylines from chefs and designers like Isabelle Legeron, Anissa Helou and past Food Republic contributor Laila Gohar. Issues two through six have already been given themes, including utensils and furniture, lab-grown meats, farming on Mars and more. The $34,000 Kickstarter goal will fund the making of these future issues as well as the printing of the premier issue.