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Pie and mash is a staple of the English working class, dating back to the Victorian era.

What are some things to know about running a food truck? Which culinary gadgets should you gift your significant other this holiday season? Where can you get proper pie and mash in Philly? We’ve got all the answers for you this week on Food Republic. It was a big week for travel as well, as our West Coast adventures led us to interviews with San Francisco’s only two-Michelin-starred female chef and Portland’s maestro of meats. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, we highlighted the happening neighborhood of Kitchenware Town and compiled a guide to all types of Japanese meats. All that and more, on this week’s 10 Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Chef Ed Hardy shares 10 things he’s learned from running a food truck.
  2. This guide will teach you all you need to know about Japanese meats.
  3. Here are 14 great places to eat and drink in Southern college towns.
  4. A holiday gift guide with items for somewhat higher budgets.
  5. At last: A backpack created by chefs, for chefs!
  6. No Tokyo trip is complete without a stop in Kitchenware Town.
  7. There’s a proper place for pie and mash in Philadelphia!
  8. An interview with Dominique Crenn, of two-starred Atelier Crenn in SF.
  9. A recipe for boiled pork belly with spicy garlic dressing.
  10. Meet Elias Cairo, Portland’s champion of cured pork.