At Last: A Backpack Created By Chefs, For Chefs!

Traveling with my "chef's stuff" can feel weird because whatever I'm stashing it in wasn't optimized to carry a laptop, apron, chef's whites, knives and other implements of destruction. It's probably also not made of material that can withstand the jostling of such pointy implements. Were I a full-time chef, I'd make good use of the Chef Backpack from Tilit Chef Goods.

Created in collaboration with case and luggage design wizards HEX, this reasonably indestructible pack fits everything you need for a day in the restaurant, test kitchen or commercial kitchen and looks good enough to tote along to a fancy private cheffing gig.

The Chef Backpack has compartments for all your devices, pockets for loose papers and an ultra-durable built-in knife organizer, which means no more carrying around a precariously rolled pouch of sharp edges! Did whatever you were blending explode all over your Chef Backpack? Wipe it clean, friend, 'cause your gear is soup-resistant.

The newest in Tilit's line of "by chefs, for chefs" design collaborations that brought us Steven Satterfield– and Joanne Chang–endorsed aprons, this backpack will show your kitchen-mates you mean business. Now hand over those potatoes.

HEX x Tilit Chef Backpack, $195, available online.