We were all about questioning the latest trends this week. We are journalists, after all. We wondered if fancy British ranges would be big on this side of the pond, how small-town Dairy Queens stand up against their big-city counterparts and why people eat banana ketchup in the Philippines. We rounded up our six favorite bottles of the “brosé” movement. Pinks and pinkies up, bros. We also solved your messy brie sandwich dilemma in our test kitchen. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. The British AGA stoves are coming, but will Americans go gaga for them?
  2. Turn your home into a deli and make your own delicious meats. It’s super simple.
  3. When life gives you a banana, make banana ketchup, as they did in the Philippines.
  4. Bro, really. It’s okay to drink rosés now.
  5. We found the best bites at the U.S. Open. You may have trouble focusing on the tennis matches.
  6. These coffee lids are a mouthful.
  7. Move over avocado. Sea urchin is toast’s new best friend.
  8. Dairy Queen made it to the big city, and we’re not impressed.
  9. Here’s a recipe for all the gooeyness of a brie sandwich with none of the mess.
  10. Say goodbye to sad, mushy veggie burgers. These are a real game changer.