I love a good brie sandwich, but what I don’t love is when gooey brie combines with whatever other less-than-solid things are on my sandwich and becomes a sloppy mess that can’t be contained. If you’ve got some good brie, I say, let it ride, son! Get that honey mustard out of my face!

“BUT PAUL, YOU F-ING LOVE MUSTARD!” That’s right. I do. That’s why we’re adding some pickled mustard seeds for a nice little bright mustardy pop. And to finish it off, we’ve got a spicy pickle mix that’ll add flavor, texture and color to “bring the room together,” so to speak.

The best part about this sandwich (besides how simple it is to make) is that it can sit at room temperature for a long time without any adverse effects, and it’ll keep for a few days in the fridge. Picnics, pool parties, tailgates… these sandwiches are perfect for anything.