Asian Food In America, American Whiskies: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

It's been an exciting week here at Food Republic. We relaunched the site on Wednesday morning, upgrading the overall aesthetic and experience and emphasizing video as well as thematic series. The site is now optimized for mobile users as well. Along with the redesign, we debuted a series called Asian Food in America, a thoughtfully planned, seriously reported collection of stories and videos about the kaleidoscope of cuisines in the East and how they translate to the West. You'll find some of these stories listed below, including an exploration of Sri Lankan specialties on Staten Island, a rundown of the dishes that make San Francisco's Chinatown so iconic and an in-depth look at omakase. We also turned our attention to summer drinking, highlighting American cask-finished whiskies to sip and a style of beer to enjoy all day long. Exciting, indeed! All that and more on this week's hot topics on Food Republic.

  • Welcome to the new Food Republic! Here's a look at all our site's new features.
  • Harold Dieterle bought a Big Green Egg and showed us some killer ways to use it.
  • These are the ten dishes that define San Francisco's storied Chinatown.
  • More and more people are ordering omakase in 2015. How far we've come since the California-roll days.
  • Staten Island is home to 5,000 Sri Lankans. Their food is incredible.
  • Here are six cask-finished American whiskies to put in your #DadBod this summer.
  • Two former chemists are engineering a ramen revolution. We investigate.
  • There's a guy in Philly who taught himself how to make Korean makgeolli. Yes, really.
  • Kölsch: It's what you should be drinking this summer. Here's why.
  • This jicama and radish salad is a crunchy topping any taco would be lucky to have.