Audrey Freedman

Photo of Audrey Freedman
Liverpool, UK
University Of California — Irvine
Beverages (including Coffee & Mocktails), Eating Abroad, Recipe Development
  • Auds has been developing their own recipes since they were five years old.
  • During high school, they interned in a Marriott kitchen where they worked as a commis chef.
  • Living in three countries has exposed Audrey to numerous types of international eats. They have yet to meet a cuisine they didn't enjoy.


Auds joined Static Media in 2022 and is an editor with Food Republic. An American currently living in the United Kingdom, they have traveled the world, experiencing — and learning to make — cuisine from everywhere they go. They started life with a passion for food, and though they experienced food scarcity as a child, or perhaps because of it, they quickly learned to cook flavorful meals with minimal ingredients. At university, they also learned that many other young adults lacked basic cooking skills, so they started a food blog specifically to showcase and teach different ways of cooking with minimal (and low-cost) ingredients with tools other students were likely to have available. While working at Starbucks, they underwent Coffee Master Training, developing a passion for all things coffee. Moving abroad opened a new world of culinary adventure for them, and they developed an ASMR YouTube channel dedicated to experiencing new foods in their travels.


Auds graduated cum laude from UCI with a B.A. in English literature. During their time at university, they worked with one of the English department heads to create their own unique course that focused on Shakespeare's use of gender and gender norms. In addition to cooking, Auds has a passion for video games and old literature — everything from early modern English to Victorian children's stories.
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