From “taco omakase” bars to Lebanese rosés, we were all about exploring the atypical this week. Enrique Olvera of Pujol (Mexico City) and Cosme (NYC) spoke about his upcoming Tokyo pop-up on our podcast, while wine writer Bianca Bosker told us why she’s looking for wine from Lebanon. We also found the best song to make guacamole and avocado toast to and got a sneak preview of the menu of what may be served in the café at the new IKEA in central Paris. Expect plenty of princess cake! All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Several cases of salmonella led to a recall of over 200 million eggs.
  2. Chef Stephanie Izard came by our podcast studio to chat about her new book, sports and the Chicago dining scene.
  3. This crispy, succulent pork belly recipe is one to hold on to.
  4. We’ve never seen capers plated so cleverly and beautifully as these.
  5. We can’t get this catchy song about avocados out of our head.
  6. We headed down to Cosme in NYC to speak with chef Enrique Olvera about Mexican cuisine, how Japanese culture inspires him and more on Food Republic Today.
  7. Chick-Fil-A’s expansion in New York has one New Yorker writer feeling iffy.
  8. What happens to all the food once Epic Meal Time’s cameras are shut off?
  9. Paris is getting a new IKEA and the menu looks great.
  10. In Talkin’ Wine Trends, we chatted with Cork Dork author Bianca Bosker about rosé, natural wine bars, pairings and more.