San Francisco's Deli Board Is A Master Of Caper Presentation

Every bagel authenticity nut knows the exact formula to perfect bagel heaven, and it doesn't involve strawberry cream cheese. It doesn't involve any berries at all, ahem, purple bagel over there. No, the tried and true equation is simply as follows: plain cream cheese and lox (or smoked salmon — yes, there's a difference) served alongside sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion, lemon slices, a sprig or two of fresh dill and of course, capers. Sound like a whole song and dance? Hey, there's a reason bagel authenticity nuts exist, and it's thanks to places like San Francisco house of sandwiches Deli Board that the original method of bagel consumption continues to live on in purity.

Now capers — it must be said — are not the easiest accoutrement to plate. They're nubby green-gray pebble-looking things that are damn near impossible to gussy up. In fact, when cooked, they turn a particularly muddy shade of brown. Deli Board sidesteps this fact when it comes to presenting their Supreme Lox Bagel, placing these essential parcels of sharp, briny goodness in their own little vessels. No rolling about, no scattering and no thinking for even a moment that there are in fact muddy pebbles on your plate. Up top, you'll see capers nesting comfortably in the well of a masterfully sliced avocado. Below, piled endearingly in half a hard-boiled egg.

I said so it how u do it gone and lox it out

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Here, chilling out in an elegant Chinese-style soup spoon:

Adams bonanza be easy like Sunday am

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And here in the form of a caper berry — capers' tall, handsome cousin — hiding bashfully behind its bagel.

Choose your own smoked salmon bagel adventure @ryeproject

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It's attention to detail like this, in addition to masterfully executed Jewish deli fare, that keeps fans coming back again and again. Follow Deli Board on Instagram for positively meaty sandwich cross-sections, oozy egg-and-cheese creations, loaded pizza bagels and an extra-cute recurring pup by the name of Rico. Oh, and stock up on capers while they're fresh in your mind — you never know when you'll find a perfect place to plate them.