We’re all about innovation this week. Chef Dan Barber launched Row 7, which focuses on breeding vegetables with flavor in mind. He came on to the Food Republic Today podcast to chat about seeds. Meanwhile, chef Leah Cohen of Pig & Khao in New York’s Lower East Side tells us on the podcast why she ditched the city to open a gastropub across the river in Jersey City. We also reported that 19-year-old Flynn McGarry opened his very first New York restaurant. As for breakfast, we made curly bagels and dumped the avocado proposals. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. A promising vegan cruise in Australia ended up with a food shortage. Diners were not happy.
  2. Teen chef Flynn McGarry opened his very first restaurant in New York City this week.
  3. Sourdough has long made a killing in the bread department. It’s now venturing into pasta territory!
  4. Curly bagels are much cuter than a regular ‘ol ring of dough. Here’s a recipe!
  5. Avocado proposals are a bad idea. We have some better ways to pop the big question.
  6. This counter-top dishwasher can also cook! Lobster anyone?
  7. Anchor Brewing is sticking to its craft beginnings, as evident in its latest releases.
  8. Fire is so important to cooking. Learn how humans first harnessed it.
  9. World-renowned Blue Hill chef Dan Barber guests on an episode of Food Republic Today to talk about his new company.
  10. Chef Leah Cohen also appeared on our podcast to chat about her new cookbook, upcoming travel and why she opened a gastropub in Jersey City.