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Leah Cohen’s opening a bar in New Jersey and we’re all ears.

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Chef Leah Cohen has made a home in New York’s Lower East Side at Pig and Khao, where Filipino and Thai cuisines collide. We ask her about her new Piggyback Bar in New Jersey, reminisce about her days on Top Chef, and chat about what she has in store for the upcoming Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Then, we have another edition of Bad Yelp Reviews of Good Restaurants for you. But first, the news:

Today’s News:

  • Michelob Ultra beer is releasing a new light beer made from organic grains called Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.
  • Woodford Reserve, a premiere bourbon and whiskey distillery, announced that Elizabeth McCall is next in line for the master distiller job.
  • Rosé cider is getting more popular by the minute.

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