Carb-Lovers: Are You Ready For Sourdough Pasta?

Thanks to the soaring resurgence in toast popularity, sourdough has never been more popular. The fermented bread has been long praised for its complex texture, depth of flavor and versatility. One Canadian bakery is harnessing the power of breadmaking to create sourdough pasta that could provide the gut-friendly benefits of other fermented foods.

CBC News reports that Kaslo Sourdough in British Columbia has developed a formula for sourdough pasta based on their decades-old recipe for bread. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and University of Calgary awarded the bakery a substantial grant in order to further research the potential health benefits associated with sourdough pasta, including a lower glycemic index better suited for diabetics and ease of digestion for those sensitive to gluten.

The fermented pasta is currently available on the bakery's website in twelve flour combinations — including ancient grains hemp, barley, buckwheat and amaranth — and six different shapes. Buckwheat sourdough rotini? Heck yes! Check it out before it becomes the hottest thing since quinoa macaroni.