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We rounded up some of the most creative shrimp recipes, like these honey tamarind prawns!

It was all about pointing out the creative, the dedicated and the unlikely stories this week. On the Food Republic Today podcast, we spoke to Kate Williams of Detroit’s Lady of the House (a semi-finalist of this year’s James Beard Awards) about why people should be taking a chance on the city. We celebrated that José Andrés was recognized in a big way for his charity work in feed millions in Puerto Rico, Houston and California after several natural disasters. We also took a look at all the food moment happening at the Olympics. There was also some David Lynch talk in our podcast chat with Alex Stupak and Lynchian influences displayed at a Bushwick bar. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Closing a restaurant is never easy. A New York restaurateur tells us 10 lessons he learned from closing his first.
  2. José Andrés was named the James Beard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year.
  3. What’s does farandole mean? It’s time for a French lesson.
  4. A hearty mushroom ragout is all you need on a chilly winter night.
  5. The Charleston Wine and Food Festival is just around the corner! Check out these very cool events.
  6. These food moments at the Olympics deserve a gold medal.
  7. We chatted with Detroit’s Kate Williams about the Motor City’s dining scene on an episode of Food Republic Today.
  8. Love shrimp but tired of the typical preparations? Try these creative recipes!
  9. This bar in Bushwick is a delight for the eyes. Check it out for yourself.
  10. Taco master Alex Stupak also stopped by our podcast studios this week.