David Tanis is an award-winning chef and cookbook author who’s always welcome in our kitchen. He’s also been a guest on the Food Republic Today podcast. Pick up a copy of his latest collection of recipes and prepare to see vegetables in a whole new light. Mushroom ragout is the simplest stew we know. Prepare to make it all the time.

This mushroom stew uses mostly cultivated mushrooms, with help from an infusion made with a handful of dried porcini, which adds deep flavor. (You may want to add some dark chicken broth too.) But do try to add at least a few fresh wild mushrooms. A half pound of chanterelles won’t break the bank.

As it simmers, the herbaceous mushroom stew gains character. Serve it as a sauce for pasta or polenta, or on its own with garlic toast.

Reprinted with permission from David Tanis Market Cooking