It was a big week in the sports world. The Major League Baseball World Series wrapped up with the championship going to the Houston Astros for the very first time. While sports arenas are getting more gourmet and environmentally sustainable with their stadium eats, we looked at the arenas dishing up deep-fried specialties. We also launched a brand-new daily podcast all about food and culture called Food Republic Today. The first two episodes are available on Apple Podcast (or wherever you like to listen to podcasts). All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. We launched a podcast this week! Be sure to listen to Food Republic Today every weekday and subscribe.
  2. CenturyLink Field in Seattle, home to the Seahawks, grew 6,000 pounds of potatoes using the compost made of the food waste accumulated from the stadium.
  3. Ever come across a beer brewed with something special? We recommend trying it out.
  4. Rethink your fish routine and cook a whole sea bass with Thai chilies.
  5. How are craft breweries trying to appeal to millennials? They’re canning more of their beers.
  6. Fried food is alive and well at these professional sports arenas.
  7. Martha Stewart lays down the slow cooker laws in this excerpt of her new cookbook.
  8. These socks were designed with chefs in mind.
  9. Slurping noodles is customary in Japan, but this noise-cancelling fork is trying to change that.
  10. Paso Robles in Central California is home not only to great wines, but must-visit restaurants and distilleries.