London mainstay The Ivy has seen its share of celebrities and other VIPs hungry for its vibrant modern cuisine and “see and be seen” vibe. Peruse their new cookbook filled with its best stories and most beloved dishes, like this Thai baked sea bass. 

This has been on our menu for years, its popularity never wavering. It’s fresh, fragrant and extremely flavoursome, so perfect for a light supper, or for a showstopping addition to a barbecue party. In the restaurant, we use banana leaves to wrap the fish, but given that banana leaves are not easy to come by, we have given instructions on cooking it ‘en papillotte’, meaning ‘in parchment’. You will lose nothing doing it this way, apart from the subtle fragrance imparted by the banana leaves.

Note: If you want to cook the fish on the barbecue, wait until the embers have died right back, and the heat is no longer fierce.

Reprinted with permission from The Ivy Now