Indianapolis, Summer Recipes, Sushi: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Summer's got our minds wandering everywhere. We checked out Indianapolis' coolest restaurants, dived deep into why the omakase sushi trend has staying power in New York City, traveled to a small Korean farm by way of Okja and reported on the latest developments in space food. Italian exported products like mosto cotto and imported wheat from Canada were also at the forefront of this week's discussions. Looking for summer recipes? We rounded up 12 light and easy ones, starring chicken. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics.

  • Indianapolis' dining scene is on the rise. You can't miss these eight restaurants.
  • A Brooklyn bar stirred up controversy over poor décor choices in a gentrifying neighborhood.
  • Netflix's new film, Okja, tells the story of a farmer's granddaughter trying to save a pig from factory farming.
  • Super-trendy and more accessible than ever , omakase is thriving in New York City.
  • Spice up your butter and add it to grilled corn. Thank us later.
  • Rice and pasta products in Italy will now be required to disclose the wheat's origin on labels. That may affect Canadian exports.
  • These 12 chicken recipes are light, quick and perfect for summer.
  • This pickle company goes whole dill and creates absolutely no waste.
  • Food served in space stations is much more than dehydrated ice cream nowadays.
  • Your pantry's probably missing mosto cotto. Find out what it is and why you should get some now.