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This sherry-glazed pork belly is only one of many pork recipes we have.

Things got a little spicy at Food Republic. We found out why some people can handle spice better than others and spent too much time clicking through an interactive chili periodic table. (Bonus post: We excerpted a chapter from Flavor all about why we crave the pain of spice.) We also found some great drunk eats in a plate of spaghettata and a French taco. As far as recipes go, we tried to add some pep to classic pork, chicken and scrambled egg dishes. All that and more in this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Learn all about your favorite peppers with this interactive chili periodic table.
  2. A French taco isn’t very French, nor is it much like a taco, but it’s very popular in France.
  3. We were live twice this on Facebook speaking to chef Zakary Pelaccio and artist Peter Barrett about their new book and learning how to properly toss pizza dough.
  4. We rounded up some of our favorite pork recipes for your convenience.
  5. Learn how to prepare a glorious plate of spaghettata, the perfect meal after hefty night of drinking.
  6. Some of your friends can handle more spice than you. We find out why.
  7. Can you think of anything more comforting than Israeli chicken in green olive and tomato sauce?
  8. Tired of your regular old scrambled eggs? Here are eight ways to revive the morningtime classic.
  9. What if doctors could prescribe fresh produce to their patients? This organization is trying to make that a reality.
  10. Comedian Paul Scheer made one of our editors a drink and talked about what he thinks of New York City’s bar scene.