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A comforting dish from the author's childhood fed a hungry crowd with love.

Modern Israeli cuisine is having a major moment in the fine dining sphere. Highlighting extra-flavorful vegetable preparations and simply prepared meats, it’s one of the most popular ways to eat healthfully. Pick up a copy of The Palomar Cookbook, a collection of recipes from the award-winning London restaurant and try their chicken thighs in green olive and tomato sauce tonight!

This dish was born while we were in Jerusalem shooting the photos for this book, when my parents invited the whole gang for a Friday night meal. Needless to say my mama was ecstatic. “What should I make? Will it be enough? I’ll make three more salads! We need to make something extra special!” she exclaimed. As we chatted about what to make, I remembered a dish she used to prepare a lot when I was young: a simple side of tomatoes and green olives that I really, really liked. We decided to serve it for the gang as a braised lamb shoulder stew. The meal was very special, with lots of arak, lots of laughs and tons of excellent food. The recipe here is with chicken, but you can replace it with any meat, or you can serve it the original way as a vegetarian side dish. I really like it with some couscous, plain rice or freekeh.

Reprinted with permission from The Palomar Cookbook