A Produce Prescription Company Topped Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards

Imagine a world where instead of prescribing expensive medicines and additional visits, doctors could prescribe discounted fresh fruits and vegetables.

Wholesome Wave, a nutrition accessibility program helmed by chef and humanitarian Michel Nischan, connects consumers with doctors in Los Angeles and Navajo Nation who can help bring fresher food into home kitchens. Enrolling in the program also doubles the value of a family's food stamps when used to buy healthy food. In a time when fresh produce can be unaffordable and grocery stores like Whole Foods have garnered the nickname of "Whole Paycheck," Nischan's organization is a godsend.

Now it's getting more recognition for its work. Wholesome Wave was recently awarded the top honor of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards in the food category.

"It just wasn't feeling right to me to be an upscale chef in a world where millions of people can't afford a f*cking tomato," Nischan tells Fast Company.

Fast Company's list of finalists include both Beyond Burger and Impossible Burgers, the meaty meatless burgers, as well as Popshrimp and Certified Transitional.