We wrapped up our fantasy travel month this week with tips from a travel pro and cocktail-based trips, because you know it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. We also rounded up our favorite travel-forward cookbooks and recipes to cook every day in March. Bread baking, weed olive oil and Wi-Fi at cafés have also been on our minds. And we got a behind-the-scenes look at the operation behind 21 Greenpoint, a Brooklyn restaurant serving all the ugly vegetables and cuts of meat you won’t buy.

  1. We tested a bread oven to see if it baked bakery-quality loaves at home.
  2. The way into Jeffrey Garten’s heart is Ina’s filet mignon, and we have the recipe.
  3. We curated a list of dishes to cook every day of March!
  4. Cafés all over the world are banning Wi-Fi to grow their businesses.
  5. They’re infusing weed with everything now, even olive oil.
  6. Food writer Katie Parla shared some travel tips with us.
  7. There’s a blossoming cocktail culture in Uganda. Here’s exactly where to find it.
  8. These cookbooks are sure to fuel travel dreams.
  9. Gin master Simon Ford is infatuated with Asia’s cocktail scene.
  10. This Brooklyn restaurant is on a mission to save and serve ugly produce.