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We had many restorative soups on the mind this week, including this beef shin and farro soup.

We’re still on the health-focused train. We asked chef Leah Cohen how she manages to snack and maintain her weight, tried out a popular diet, rounded up our favorite restorative soups and learned about mushroom coffee. Things also got a little fishy with a new restaurant in Iraq called Trump Fish and a video of Ed Lee preparing fluke crudo. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. There’s a restaurant in Iraq called Trump Fish. We sent a correspondent to check it out.
  2. Starbucks released the sous vide egg ball as a new breakfast item. Would you eat it?
  3. Phil Rosenthal and Netflix have decided to chill together with his food and travel show.
  4. The Whole30 diet promotes healthy eating and is the smartest way to reset your system.
  5. New York’s Leah Cohen grazes while in the kitchen. While she admits this makes it difficult to lose or maintain weight, this is how she manages it.
  6. What exactly is mushroom coffee, and will it replace your regular cup of joe?
  7. This is the only recipe for German pretzel buns you’ll ever need.
  8. Florence fennel is now in season. Here’s where you can get it and what to do with it.
  9. We rounded up the best soups that will restore you inside and out.
  10. Watch Ed Lee put together this fluke crudo with persimmon vinegar and stinky tofu: