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Netflix is the new home of Phil Rosenthal's food and travel show.

Creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal announced on Twitter that his new show will be exclusively produced for Netflix. The show has yet to be named, but Rosenthal is currently using the hashtag #NetflixAndPhil in reference to it.

The passionate food lover is known around his adoptive hometown of Los Angeles for investing in restaurants and frequenting hot spots with celebrity friends. In a 2014 interview with Food Republic, comedian Andy Kindler suggested that while he himself never gets preferential treatment, dining out with Rosenthal has its advantages: “He created Raymond,” Kindler said of Rosenthal. “So he has seven billion dollars in his savings account. So he can just walk in and buy Spago. And then we eat.”

Now, Rosenthal will be eating his way around the world on Netflix. More details on the show as we get them.