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Learn how to make German pretzel buns with a lesson from blogger Meike Peters.

You only need one recipe for German pretzel buns, and this is it. Blogger Meike Peters, of the acclaimed Eat in My Kitchen, has a new cookbook out filled with her favorite recipes. Inspired by European comfort food and Mediterranean classics, this collection of 100 dishes is a must-read for anyone looking for a cooking lesson with inimitable charm. 

These buns are soft and spongy inside, with a thin brown crust that’s sprinkled with coarse sea salt. The secret to these buns is giving them a quick bath in a boiling alkaline solution before popping them in the oven — this is what gives them their distinctive flavor and color. I use baking soda to give the water a high pH level. The mixture isn’t as strong as the lye used in professional bakeries, but it’s safer and still creates that irresistible pretzel look and taste.

Reprinted with permission from Eat in My Kitchen