You screamed, I screamed, we all screamed for ice cream this week at Food Republic!

Happy Ice Cream Week! We’ve doubled down on the sweet treat this week, discussing the best cones, the best chocolate ice cream, our eternal love for soft serve, our all-time favorite brands and much, much more. But it wasn’t all about the creamy dessert. We debated how much the hearty morning staple of Texas that is the breakfast taco should cost, explored what white tuna (ew) really is and checked in on the latest in the world of cannabis edibles (or, in this case, drinkables). All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. We mapped out the best bean-to-bar chocolate ice creams in the country.
  2. America’s first cannabis cocktail mixer is now available. Bottoms up.
  3. There’s something fishy about this white tuna. Well, it’s actually not tuna at all!
  4. Ah, soft serve. The melty, sweet treat that is an American classic.
  5. These are the three most important ice cream cones. Know when to use them.
  6. How much would you pay for a breakfast taco? Some would say upwards of $4.
  7. Savory ice cream is a thing, and this Chicago chef has mastered it.
  8. We tested this ice cream sandwich maker, and it tickled our nostalgia bone.
  9. Our favorite ice cream brands ever? Our editors weighed in personally.
  10. How many ways are there to eat ice cream? We drew them all out in this chart.