Vietnamese Food, American Vodka, Jackfruit: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

We got very educational this week at Food Republic. Following a weekend at the Charleston Wine & Food Festival that left us fully satiated, we headed to New Orleans and got a history lesson on why it's a hotbed of Vietnamese cuisine. After that, we ventured out to Cambodia to learn about the country's most famous dish, and sunk our teeth into every single kind of mustard this world has to offer. We also learned about just exactly what the jackfruit is and how to eat it, while also ranking the best American vodkas out there. Shaved avocados? Eating in Bushwick? Country fried bacon? We've got you covered. All that and more on this week's 10 Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  • New Orleans is hooked on Vietnamese food and pho-nics.

  • Shaved avocado is all the rage and will up your Instagram game.
  • Three words: Country. Fried. Bacon.
  • We ranked the best American vodkas. Is your favorite brand on the list?
  • We dished out the details on jackfruit and why you should be cooking with it.
  • There are so many kinds of mustard out there. We created a guide for you.

  • We crushed it at Charleston Wine & Food and still haven't gotten over it.

  • What is Cambodian amok? We find out, and it's delicious.
  • We asked our butcher about veal, and he gave us some recipes for schnitzel.
  • Things are heating up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We rounded up nine great places.