Garnish With Shaved Avocado Curls, Win At Vegetables

There's a food stylist on Instagram who will make you wish you'd never eaten that avocado with a spoon. Dutch blogger and food stylist Colette Dike, better known as Food Deco, is a true master of the vegetable peeler, the only tool you need to transform whole, ripe avocados into silky yellow-green curls.

Ever plate a dish and then think, "This could use some green"? You'll probably mangle your fair share of innocent avocados while developing the steady hand required to pull it off, but that just means more guac for you. The key is to use slightly underripe avocados, which have just the right texture for creating ribbons with a peeler. You'd need some kind of cold laser to shave fully ripe ones, and while we're sure that technology is in the works, sometimes simpler is better.

"Quite often avocado is the absolute hero of the dish," Dike told The Daily Mail. And by elevating it to the level of art, this garnish can be the hero, the belle of the ball and the greatest food hashtag all at the same time.