It’s the new year, and whether you’re trying to lose weight like DJ Khaled or upping your high-nutrition repertoire like Men’s Health editor Paul Kita, we can all agree that cucumber juicer pulp makes for amazing raita. If the bomb cyclone has affected your area, there’s never been a better time than now to plop in front of the TV and binge all of Netflix’s newest food documentary series. We also had many Pauls on many podcasts this week. How many Pauls? Find out on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Netflix’s latest documentary series, Rotten, is all about corruption in agribusiness.
  2. This geode cake is too beautiful to cut into.
  3. Men’s Health food and nutrition editor Paul Kita talks about his new book on the Food Republic Today podcast.
  4. Chris Consentino’s recipe for calf brains is mind-bogglingly stellar.
  5. DJ Khaled recently signed on to be Weight Watcher’s social media ambassador.
  6. Chef Paul Kahan and musician Mark Ibold chat on the second episode of the Talkhouse x Food Republic podcast.
  7. We spoke to Cedella Marley about her new cookbook, Cooking With Herb.
  8. When life gives you juicer pulp, make raita!
  9. Here’s what to look forward to and avoid in 2018.
  10. Australian chef Paul Iskov tells us all about his foraging pop-up on the Food Republic Today podcast.