ZPZ-produced “Rotten” premieres on Netflix tomorrow.

Calling all fans of true crime and food television! The perfect combination of the two, Rotten, premiers on Netflix tomorrow. Produced by Zero Point Zero Production (Food Republic’s parent company and makers of Wasted and Mind of a Chef), the six-episode documentary series explores not-so-wholesome business practices. Here’s an episode guide:

“Lawyers, Guns and Honey” — The honey you know and love may not really be what it says it is. Known as “Honeygate,” the global honey industry is undergoing the world’s largest-ever food fraud investigation.

“The Peanut Problem” — What are restaurateurs doing about the upsurge in the number of consumers with severe, sometimes lethal, food allergies?

“Garlic Breath” — A tale of betrayal and revenge bubbles between America and China’s garlic commerce relationship.

“Big Bird” — The long food chain that is chicken farming leaves some farmers in the dust.

“Milk Money” — Dairy farmers are venturing into the realms of raw, unpasteurized milk to raise profits, but is it always safe?

“Cod Is Dead” — While trying to regulate overfishing in New England, the US government uncovered rather fishy and criminal dealings.

Check out the trailer below and prepare to binge.