Have you been listening to Food Republic Today? If not, we’re here to catch you up. This week we checked out Houston’s latest and greatest spots for wining and dining. We also talked to chefs Ford Fry, Daniel Patterson, Evan Funke, Matthew Jennings and more. We also spoke to Nari Kye and Anna Chaithe, directors of recent food documentary WASTED! Aside from the podcast, we’ve been reading a lot, and not only Instant Pot cookbooks. Check out our excerpts from Acid TripMade in Vietnam and The Book of Cheese. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Houston is America’s hottest food city. And it’s only getting hotter.
  2. What is meat glue? Let Wylie Dufresne explain.
  3. Thinking about getting an Instant Pot? Check out these cookbooks as well.
  4. Pumpkin kibbeh will change your view of fall eats. Here’s a recipe.
  5. Chef Ford Fry stopped by Food Republic HQ to speak on our daily podcast, Food Republic Today.
  6. Paul McCartney’s the latest celebrity to embrace flexitarianism.
  7. Chef Daniel Patterson spoke on our podcast about his latest projects.
  8. Ever want to get really into balsamic vinegar? Check out this excerpt from Acid Trip.
  9. Build the ultimate Swiss cheese board plus pairings with this guide.
  10. How did beer reach Vietnam? Find out here.