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Bye, bye chef burgers! (Photo: rob_rob2001/Flickr.)

The seasons are changing and the old’s getting traded for the new. We launched a whole new podcast in collaboration with Talkhouse, rounded up our favorite root vegetable recipes and checked out H&M’s new kitchenware line. We also wondered if it was time for the chef-y burger to take a break, if Swiss chard will get as popular as kale and why people are so obsessed with videos of people eating. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. The demise of the burger may be nigh.
  2. Braise your short ribs and make awesome dumplings.
  3. Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli celebrated the launch of H&M’s kitchenware line by making breakfast.
  4. Fall’s just around the corner and we’re very excited to cook with these root vegetables!
  5. Why are people so into these ASMR food videos?
  6. This one New York restaurateur thinks kale is on its way out and Swiss chard is taking its place.
  7. Do you know the different regional cuisines of India?
  8. How do you turn a food blog into a book? Megan Giller lets us in on a few secrets.
  9. Vertical produce growers, AeroFarms, was awarded a research grant.
  10. We just launched the first episode of our podcast produced with Talkhouse! Chef Andrew Carmellini and rapper A$AP Ferg sit down to speak about a variety of subjects.