Joanne Chang, mastermind behind Boston’s much-loved Myers + Chang, has a new collection of recipes out that will stoke your fire for modern Taiwanese food like you’ve never imagined. These braised short rib dumplings are a hearty, comforting, spicy way to beat chilly weather. 

I made these special dumplings for Lunar New Year during the Year of the Goat. I used braised goat for that batch, and we passed small plates of food around the dining room for a wild dim sum celebration. I adapted this recipe to use our Asian braised short rib that we make every week for our banh mi at lunch. The rich braised short rib stands up to the fierce chili oil and is crazy addictive. These dumplings are steamed instead of cooked like pot stickers. We fold them “big hug”–style so they kind of resemble an Italian cappelletti. —Chef Karen


Reprinted with permission from Myers+Chang At Home