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Chef Dan Giusti, formerly of Noma, is working on a program that will bring tastier, more nutritious food to public schools, like this hummus dish.

It’s time for back to school! Chefs are driving a movement to educating and feeding kids healthier, better-tasting food in American schools. Shopping for new clothes? A garlic bread shirt will really make a first impression. News about instant noodles also reminded us of college days spent waiting three minutes before diving in. We also sat down with the traveling bartenders behind Trash Tiki and asked them how they really feel about sustainability. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. What happens with an acclaimed chef tries to make public school lunches better? We ask ex-Noma chef Dan Giusti.
  2. The solar eclipse may have caused 3 million pounds of Atlantic salmon to escape in Washington state.
  3. Demand for instant noodles are decreasing in China.
  4. Chef Seamus Mullen’s latest book features helpful tips for living your healthiest life.
  5. Georgian chef Hugh Acheson’s on a mission to supply teachers and parents with the right tools to teach kids about food and nutrition.
  6. Sweet and savory fig pizza with goat cheese can be enjoyed at all times of the day. Here’s the recipe.
  7. Trash Tiki will take a restaurant’s waste and make delicious drinks out of them.
  8. Need a new t-shirt and love garlic bread? We have just the thing for you.
  9. A Michelin-starred restaurant created an instant version of their hit dish. But does the quality hold up?
  10. Silicon Valley’s working on a way to streamline the lunchtime salad business.