This Garlic Bread Shirt Is Crisp, Garlicky Perfection

"Before I start, let me make one thing clear: Garlic Bread is a proper noun and is to be respected as such," says Orange County-based artist, musician, comedian and designer Rocom. His latest work for indie T-shirt printers Threadless is a humble ode to the feeling we all get when chomping down on the buttery, pungent perfection that's welcome with damn near any meal under the sun.

We emailed Rocom to get the low-down on this stripped-down (but no less poignant) tribute. Funny story!

"This one girl's grandmother had trouble using social media. She would end up posting things that were meant for a search bar, making her feed just a list of random words," he says. "One post just said 'Garlic Bread.' She must have been looking for a recipe, but I like thinking of her interest in Garlic Bread as going so far beyond that. Like, it was just as important as Googling 'Beyonce.' I decided to post an image of garlic bread with the caption 'Garlic Bread' to my own feed in tribute, and it was the most liked post I'd ever had."

It makes sense. Who doesn't like Garlic Bread? (See, we capitalized it. Proper noun). Rocom says he'd always thought slapping the image of this delicious accoutrement on a T-shirt would be a great idea. "Now, with the power of print-on-demand websites, I've made my dream into reality. All revolutions have a beginning, and this is mine. This is the start of the Garlic Bread Revolution."

Ready to join the revolution? The shirt ($20) comes in men's, women's and kids' sizes — so pick one up for the most garlic-fixated person in your life and let them know in no uncertain terms that you're on their team. Not a garlic person? More of an avocado toast fan? That's cool, but don't share that info around too much, these are scary times. Still, Rocom's got you covered (bonus points for the name).