This Cup Noodle Was Made By A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Drop that sad "chicken" flavored cup noodle right now! Japan is selling an instant version of dan dan noodles from Michelin-starred ramen restaurant Nakiryu in Tokyo. The cups are flying off the shelves — but are they really award-quality?

NextShark reports that Nakiryu partnered with cup noodle giant Nissin to create what sounds like the absolute best cup noodles known to humankind. The cups are currently only available at convenience stores in Japan and are selling for just ¥200 ($1.83USD) a pop. No line, and no Michelin-grade bill at the end.

RocketNews24 had one of their reporters compare the instant cup to the real deal. The noodles reportedly retained the same texture as the Nakiryu's while the broth was similar, but needed extra dashes of chili oil and vinegar to really drive that Michelin star quality home.

The cups were sold online via Hobby Link Japan, but have since been "discontinued." Everyone outside of Japan will have to either wait patiently for cups to go worldwide or buy a plane ticket ASAP.