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Tangy labneh, a kind of strained yogurt, pairs with zucchini and thyme for an elegant, hearty vegetarian tart.

Coming off a nice long weekend, we got really excited about recipes. From an updated BLT to colorful and flavorful lettuce wraps, we have amazing recipes that you need to spend your weekend testing out for ourself. We also learned what block toast is and memorized the 10 commandments of carving meats. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Block toast is way better than it sounds. It could be the dessert of the future.
  2. Carve meat like you mean it. This book outlines 10 rules you should follow.
  3. Swap your bacon for crispy chicken skin the next time you want to make a BLT.
  4. Got a cooking-related question? We have the answer!
  5. We rounded up our 15 favorite savory tarts to use up all that summer produce.
  6. Wine Spectator announced the winners of this year’s Restaurant Awards.
  7. This pork bowl will satisfy all your cravings and fill you up.
  8. Be a lamb and make these spiced lamb lettuce wraps for your guests.
  9. Your weeknight pasta dish needs a branzino update.